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Humorously thought of as next level heavy breathing, snoring affects a surprising large percentage of the population. Occurring intermittently, or nightly, snoring can gives rise to disharmony in the bedroom – with partners often taking to sleeping in separate rooms as their way of ensuring a good nights rest.

It may be pleasing to know snoring affects both sexes, and people of all ages. Commonly caused when the tissues in the back of the throat become loose and floppy, the act of lying flat causes the tissue to vibrate as you breathe. As the condition develops, the floppy tissues can block the airway to cause sleep apnoea (stopping breathing for periods during sleep). Severe sleep apnoea, with long and frequent gaps in normal breathing overnight, can cause serious health risks.

If you or a loved one experiences snoring, we encourage you to discuss the situation with an Azure Medical Doctor: you’ll find a range of treatments available, leading to a happier, healthier life.

We help with snoring and sleep apnoea with Nightlase treatments.

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