Weight loss is a difficult, complicated long term issue that represents one of the top health concerns of today. Over the decades there have been any number of miracle cures promoted, and more recently reality TV programs which tend to give false expectation of what can realistically be achieved.

At Azure Medical, we take a caring and sensitive approach in helping our clients consider the various options for losing weight, and also when the weight is lost, getting rid of stubborn areas of fat which are difficult to shift.

What options might you consider?

GP consultation. Our GP’s can assess any health issues that might be impacting upon your ability to lose weight, such as thyroid disorders. We can organize full blood pictures and investigations, and manage associated problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes. When appropriate, your GP can discuss with you medications such as Duromine or Saxenda, or a referral for consideration of surgery such as gastric sleeve or lap band.

Your GP can when indicated refer you to the Dietitian, Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist through a GP Management Plan, that enables you to claim Medicare rebates for up to 5 sessions of Allied Health per year.

DEXA Body Composition scan. This is a whole body X-ray that gives you vital information about how much fat, muscle and fluid your body contains, and where it’s distributed. It’s a far more accurate tool than just jumping on a pair of scales, and our expert DEXA scanners will take the time to explain to you how you might consider modifying your diet and exercise program depending upon the results.

Dietitian – Lizzie Yorkston. Lizzie can go through your goals and any barriers to reaching those with you in detail. Medicare and private health insurance rebates may apply. Lizzie has an approach of education and encouragement tailored to the individual, and can draw up specific eating plans.

Body Sculpting treatments. If you are around your ideal weight but have areas of stubborn fat that won’t shift, these days there are less invasive alternatives to liposuction. Coolsculpting uses a process of freezing pockets of excessive fat, and Velashape uses heat and radiofrequency energy to reduce circumference, improve the appearance of cellulite and tighten the skin. These are safe, well-proven, pain-free, no downtime treatments administered right here in our clinic.