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Most parents understand their role making decisions about the health and wellbeing of their child. At Azure Medical, we see it as our role to support you in those decisions. It’s our role to assist you providing a springboard for your child to prosper and flourish. 

Our commitment to integrated Children’s Healthcare means seeing the bigger picture, knowing your family and your unique story. Children’s health is not only helping your children overcome illness and keep healthy, it’s how we help them find their feelgood.

Like Adult Health, Children’s Health involves physical, mental and social Well-being. Eating healthy foods, ensuring they have enough sleep, regular exercise and taking care of their safety are everyday factors that contribute to overall wellbeing. Our healthcare ranges from acute care, to helping you with their immunisations, general health checks and skin checks, or travel vaccines.

Healthy food habits include being aware of Food Allergies and what constitutes good Nutrition. At Azure Medical, we made a conscious decision to have a Nutritionist as part of our health hub knowing the importance of sound advice focussed on Wellbeing. Our Nutritionists can assist with the challenges posed by food intolerances and allergies, where nutritional advice can even start during your pregnancy, discussing influences and supportive factors for the health of your new family members. We’ll help you and your children identify allergies and plan your nutrition around any potential risks.  

The team at Azure Medical are all focussed on delivering an unhurried, wellness based whole of health medical approach to the care of your child’s health and wellbeing.

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