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Often related to pregnancy and birth, Vaginal Prolapse sees almost one in two women experience some form of prolapse. Among the most common, the bladder bulges into the vagina, descending downwards due to lack of support. In many cases, patient don’t even notice a prolapse when it first happens, where it’s not until its diagnosed that steps are taken. Typically, options for vaginal prolapse treatment have been invasive, inconvenient, or have the potential for side effects (e.g. ring pessaries or surgery).

Vaginal Prolapse Treatment with laser therapy is a safe and effective new treatment, with minimal side effects. By stimulating collagen production and improving the strength and structure of the vagina, Laser vaginal prolapse treatment can give rise to significant improvement in vaginal prolapse even at the more severe end of the spectrum. Even if surgery is eventually required, laser can buy you time and actually help to improve the outcome of operations due to improved vaginal tone. No anaesthetic or special precautions are required, and you can return home or to work straight away.


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