Wellness and Nutrition are an integral part of our health care services, because we believe that modern medicine is also about holistic wellness.

At Azure Medical we have Perth nutritionist and dietitian, Lizzie Yorkston; our Psychologist Melanie Fisher; and Consultant PsychiatristDr Chacko Varughese. Our female GP Dr Aparna Hegde has a special interest in weight loss, hormonal health and complementary therapies.

We’re lucky to have talented and passionate people working in our team, helping our patients understand and achieve improved physical and mental health, and overall wellbeing. These factors set the foundation for our minds and bodies to function at their best, and to put you in a position where you feel healthy, energetic and happy. Because when you feel that way, you can enjoy life to the full. For your wellness and nutrition advice, come and see us at Azure Medical in Cottesloe.

Nutrition during pregnancy

Nutrition during pregnancy is very important. The quality of a mother’s diet can affect how his/her tissues and organs develop, and can affect your baby’s risk of developing various diseases. Our team of GP’s, nurses and Allied Health Specialists can give you the right advice to keep mother and baby healthy and happy.