From contraception to stress incontinence; from psychological health to nutrition in pregnancy.

Our female GPs are your trusted partner for any topic or concern relating to Women’s Health. We understand that a trusted relationship with your Family GP is key when you need help for problems you may encounter as a woman, or just to keep you and your family fit and healthy.

Whether it’s fertility or pregnancy related, or Laser Women’s Health Treatments you can count on the team at Azure Medical to always give you the highest level of personal care and attention.


Stress Incontinence.

If you sometimes leak urine and have to plan your routine around where the nearest toilet is, you will understand full well the inconvenience of this condition. Stress incontinence, which means involuntary leakage of urine when laughing, coughing, straining or sneezing is a problem for many women. You might think there is no real solution or treatment, but fortunately Laser treatments performed in our clinic in Cottesloe can greatly help.


Nutrition in Pregnancy.

Women’s Health is linked to the health of your future children…and even grandchildren. We can help you with nutrition advice during pregnancy, making sure you are not creating deficiencies that may harm your child and have lasting effects for future generations.


Our services include vaginal rejuvenation treatments using laser, or laser treatments focusing on skin rejuvenation. Whether you need assistance with an embarrassing inconvenience, or would just like to feel happier and more confident in your appearance, our highly skilled, experienced and friendly team of female GPs and nurses can help!


Hormone-Releasing IUD.

Many women are now moving away from oral contraceptives to Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Devices (IUD).  The IUD we use at Azure Medical is the only one available in Australia that is hormone-releasing. The basic concept of an IUD is that it makes your uterus inhospitable for pregnancy. However, once your IUD is removed, you immediately return to your natural level of fertility. Also making it ideal for women who want a contraceptive that doesn’t affect your weight, mood or libido. While hormone-releasing IUDs are very common, some women do prefer to have a non-hormonal based contraceptive, and this can be discussed at a consult with your Doctor. At Azure Medical, Dr Tanya Smith is qualified to insert, fit, remove and replace your IUD. She also specialises in women’s health and contraception as a whole, be sure to book an appointment with her today.