Lip Fillers Turn that Frown Upside Down.


Could lip fillers turn around “old and tired” to unbelievably beautiful?

Avoid the over-the-top “lip job”.

As you age, your lips and cheeks naturally sink, sag, and wrinkle. Are you looking to restore full lips? Well, the last thing you want is for it to be too obvious. That’s why our focus is to give you a fuller, natural look. We start with a confidential consultation. Reveal your natural beauty and discuss your expectations and desired outcome before the treatment starts.

Change the way you think about lip fillers.

This or that? Are there too many options? Don’t know where to start? There are many different types of lip fillers. We always start with a conversation about the outcome you desire for plump, full, well-shaped but natural-looking lips. We can discuss how to give you great results in a relaxed, professional, confidential consultation.

Less pain, more gain.

It’s natural to feel apprehensive about whether fillers will be painful, or could have risks. Well, the latest lip filler treatments are now as safe and as painless as possible. But, it boils down to the skills, experience and standards of the injector. Our injectors here at Azure Medical, Ailsa (Registered Nurse) and Dr Christine Lee-Baw adhere to the highest clinical standards. Treatments performed by Ailsa are always supervised by a Doctor.

We care for you and your natural beauty.

Gain the look you want with the comfort that you are being well-cared for. Our team are dedicated to giving you results that will enhance your natural beauty without looking artificial or going over the top. Sometimes, less is more.

Wear the kiss of youthful confidence.

You may have heard about quick and cheap cosmetic treatments? — But then, you’ll also have heard about the pitfalls and risks? We have all seen the photographs of “plastic surgery going wrong”.

How can you feel sure? Well, we pride ourselves in giving you the confidence of lasting results. Our doctors supervise each procedure to ensure not only safety, but the end results you want without complications. Together we will match a lip filler treatment to your exact needs to give you that healthy, youthful look.

Now, turn that old frown upside down and feel unbelievably beautiful. Call us on 92869900 to book a private and detailed facial assessment today.

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Ailsa Simpson

Ailsa has worked in the field of Preventative Medicine, anti-aging and aesthetics for the past 10 years. Ailsa Simpson is our Practice and Cosmetic Nurse. Ailsa is passionate about helping our patients achieve their best in health. A skilled and gentle injector, she can also help you feel confident and comfortable with your appearance. Ailsa is also one of our CoolSculpting Consultants.

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