Snoring Problems Cottesloe.

Snoring Problems can be a nuisance for your sleep quality…and for your family dynamics.

Talk to your Perth GP about your snoring problems.

Technically it’s called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In your daily life it’s called noisy snoring. If you or your partner snore at night, we’re sure that you will know all too well the problems it creates…

Snoring is the noise you hear when the airways become partially blocked during the night. This can result in periods of time where the sufferer is not breathing at all.

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So it’s wise to look at snoring as a serious health problem, and at your family GP medical centre in Cottesloe Perth, we can help you.

Is snoring really that serious?

An interrupted night’s sleep for the snorer often means that they are always tired.
This affects the ability to work and to be social with partners, friends and family.
Relationships are damaged as the non-snorer often ends up sleeping in another room, destroying intimacy as the partner gets use to sleeping alone and causing resentment and tension.

Snoring Problems Cottesloe-What can your GP do?

In the past we relied on the CPAP sleep apnoea machines that look a lot like scuba apparatus. They cost thousands, are not a cure, and are a guarantee of decades of non-intimate sleep. Thanks to the innovations in medical technology your GP can now use more advanced, and more permanent tools to help you with sleep apnea.

So check out our laser treatments for snoring, here at the clinic in Cottesloe Central.

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