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Are we right for each other?

Azure Medical’s services are for all walks of life and backgrounds, from singles to families and retirees, all with their own backstories and list of personal and professional goals to achieve. You might be needing help for something quite simple, like a bad “flu”bug or a sports injury, or something complex, such as diabetes, a cancer or a mental health problem. Yet here at our health hub at Cottesloe Central, Peppermint Grove, we’ve noticed a pattern of characteristics our clients often possess that can embody life in the western suburbs. If you share these views, we’re a good choice for you.

At the heart of it all, you want to live a healthy lifestyle. You understand good health means treating the whole ‘you’. The social you, the physical you and the emotional you. You know that if you take the time and effort to invest in yourself and seek the right advice, you’ll reap rewards. Because you know your health is something you can influence, you want to take action to build your self-confidence to a point where good things happen for a reason, and life just flows.

So what kind of Azure Medical person are you?

the balancer

Western suburbs life is sweet. It’s a great place to be for kids – complete with friends, outdoor life and the beach. You’re looking to strike the right balance between your professional and family life, realising happiness isn’t determined by big highs or quick rushes – it’s about feeling your best every day. For ‘Balancers’, good health is a platform for you and your loved ones to find life’s natural rhythm so you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. If you have kids, you know that setting them up with good education, social skills and confidence sets them on the best possible path to grow into well-rounded, happy, healthy adults.

the freestyler

Living the single life, you’ve got a lot on your plate (probably smashed avocado!). Meeting friends over brunch at Vans, drinks at Rodneys, just down the road (it’s kind of our best-kept secret). For Freestylers, being healthy is something you can build into your daily life. Being creative, making an impact on the world – it’s important to enjoy what you do. And when you realise you have the power to take ownership of something and run with it, it’s clear that wellbeing comes first.

the twilighter

With time to focus on what you enjoy most, you don’t want health problems to get in the way of living your best life. Twilighters care deeply about doing a job properly, connecting with real people and having a sense of community. Having lived in the area for a large part of your life, you realise there’s something magical that makes it a wonderful place to live. When it comes to health and wellbeing, personalised care and attention define your generation. It’s reassuring to know as a smaller, owner-operated “non- corporate” practice with a family feel is just around the corner.

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