Are the scales wrong?


Have you reached a point where you are worried about what the scales are telling you? Do you need to get more accurate information? Then it’s time for to talk to our team at Azure Medical. Here’s why – we now have a great way to show you what’s really going on – DEXA scans. How can a DEXA scan help you?

What does “Skinny-Fat” mean?

Just because you have a normal BMI (body mass index) does not always mean you’re in the best of health. Visceral fat, the fat around your intestines, is the most harmful type of fat of all, contributing to heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. A DEXA can see inside your body and see if you need to be taking action to reduce your visceral fat. Those that look quite slim on the outside, but are carrying visceral fat, we refer to as “skinny fat”.

Can’t lose weight after 40?

As you get older, it usually become harder to lose the fat. You might still be doing aerobics, running or working out at the gym. Are you really “that fat” or is it muscle? A DEXA Body Scan will show you exactly where you stand and help you plan your diet and exercise more effectively.

Are the scales wrong?

Speaking of body types, what if you have always been referred to as “stout”? You’re very fit, but don’t have that lean build. You may have been the guy who was the star front-row forward rugby player. That guy who was referred to as ‘built like a brick outhouse.’ Or, you were the gal who was politely referred to as ‘sporty.’ What does big-boned really mean, if anything? Find out what’s really going on – and, by the way, a DEXA scan can uncover the early stages of bone loss before you even know it….

BMI is a crude and outdated measure.

Can the scale and a set of calipers really tell me if I am the right weight? The Body Mass Index (BMI) is an outdated system. You no longer have to trust a rough combination of your height and weight when a DEXA scan can tell you so much more.

The most accurate test to measure your body composition.

Truth be told, many ways of measuring composition are just rough estimates. If you are using this approximation to change your workout and diet, you may never get the results you are after.

Does body type affect weight loss?

We come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Males and females store fat in different areas of the body. What about our muscles and bones? Skin fold callipers, special sets of scales and other electrical gadgets cannot tell you precisely where your fat and muscle is distributed, as we can with a DEXA scan. For example, we often find people who have been dieting strictly have lost excessive amounts of muscle. They are no longer losing weight because muscle burns off far more calories than fat.

This is where the DEXA Body Scan comes in. Meet with our Dietitian and GPs to measure, plan, and monitor your ideal fitness. Get the information you really need – book at (08) 9286 9900 or send us a Contact Form. Available 7 days per week!

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