Acne is a very common skin condition that affects many people and can take various forms. It is very distressing but there is no need to suffer in silence, as many effective treatments are available.

What causes acne?

Acne is not your fault – it’s nothing to do with lack of hygiene.
During puberty, increasing levels of hormones such as testosterone cause the oil glands to become more active in the skin. A bacteria, P. Acnes, which sits quite normally on the surface of the skin can then multiply to cause spots. The severity can range from a few blackheads, to large cystic spots that scar badly.
Unfortunately, the biggest causative factor is genetics, and you can’t change that. Stress also plays a part, as can certain foods in the diet such as sugary foods and possibly excessive dairy intake, but these links are difficult to prove.

How do we treat acne?

We start by discussing with you a good skin care regime, which might include special cleansers designed to exfoliate and kill off the P.Acnes bacteria, we recommend & stock the range from Jan Marini. We also talk to you about lifestyle factors and diet. Often we will recommend a special facial, such as Hydrafacial, to deeply cleanse the skin, remove any dead skins cells that are blocking pores and inject a lot of nutrition and hydration back into the skin. This can give an immediate kick-start to your recovery and your skin will look smooth and shiny.

For mild-to-moderate acne, we might then recommend a course of light therapy with Omnilux, which is easy to use and has no side effects or downtime. For acne which is more severe, we can use laser treatments, both for active acne and also for acne scarring. Micro-needling and Peels are other commonly used treatments which can give dramatic benefits.
Then of course as a doctor’s practice we can prescribe various medications, such as creams or gels, antibiotics, or certain types of the contraceptive pill. Finally, for severe cases, we can arrange referrals to dermatologists who might decide to use very strong medication such as Roaccutane.

Getting acne under control can really help your confidence, self-esteem and well-being. It can literally be life-transforming to feel comfortable in your skin, so please come in and see one of the team at Azure Medical – such as Maira or Ailsa, our skin care experts.