How much does laser snoring treatment cost?

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Snoring – the cause of disharmony in the bedroom! Are you, or your partner, praying for solutions to remove snoring from your life and regain control of your sleep patterns? If getting some Z’s sounds like your dream nightly ritual, you’ve come to the right place. Azure Medical has a cost-effect and painless laser snoring treatment available – so maybe your prayers have been answered! 

This laser technology is known as Fotona Nightlase. It reduces snoring by tightening the back of your throat, stopping it from flopping backwards and vibrating, or blocking your airway. The doctors use precisely-controlled laser energy to stimulate the contraction of collagen in the tissues. This is a painless procedure, with only a warmth felt in the target area. There are no drugs, cutting or bleeding, and no common side effects. Plus, you can resume all of your normal activities straight away. The benefits can last a long time. It’s a gentle and easy way for you to regain a good night’s rest.

So if you’re ready to change your ‘nightlife’, read on to find out how much it costs for snoring treatment.


Snoring laser treatment (Nightlase) cost

While a good night’s sleep (for you and your partner) is priceless, most of us still want the best value for money. In Perth, you can expect to pay around $500 to $1000 per session, depending on the clinic you choose. At Azure Medical, the fee per treatment is $500. In order for the laser snoring treatment to be effective, you will need a full cycle. This normally means a total of 3 sessions:

  • Day 1 
  • Day 14
  • Day 56

So, with Azure Medical, you will pay a total of $1500. For other locations, your snoring treatment could end up costing around $3000. The highest quality equipment is used to ensure fantastic results, while remaining cost-effect by being a combined GP and Laser Clinic.


a man and woman sleep in a bed next to each other.
Re-claim your sleep through laser snoring treatment.


How long does the snoring treatment take?

Each treatment will take around 20-30 minutes and you can get back to your life straight away with no restrictions. To reiterate, there are no side effects, drugs or anaesthesia required. A spray to numb the throat for those who are sensitive to the warm sensation will be offered if required.


Does laser treatment stop snoring?

When used in the right situations for the right patients (that’s why the doctors provide a consult first), Fotona Nightlase treatment should reduce or prevent snoring for approximately 12 months. Sometimes this can be even longer. So whilst it is not permanent, the vast majority of patients will experience positive results for a significant length of time. Once the effects of the laser snoring treatment wear off, you may require a ‘top up’ session. 

As well as reducing snoring, very often patients report better, more refreshing sleep and more energy and mental alertness during the day. This can be the case for patients with mild or moderate sleep apnoea, who often struggle to tolerate wearing devices. If weight gain is also a factor here, your doctor might advocate a weight reduction plan to give you the best result. Very often, harmony is restored to the bedroom as the partner’s sleep also improves markedly!

Surgery for snoring is not often used, as it’s very painful, has potential side effects, has a long recovery time and is expensive. So Fotona Nightlase can provide a good alternative option. However, an exception is patients with severe nasal blockage or sinus problems – this will be discussed at your consult. 


So if you’re ready to improve your sleep, keep your partner happy and create a more relaxing nightlife (but don’t want an expensive price tag and weeks of recovery) laser snoring treatment could be the solution! So what’s the next step? Simply book an obligation-free pre-consultation with an experienced doctor at Azure Medical to find out if Nightlase snoring treatment is right for you.

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