Look in the mirror and have beautiful skin stare right back.

Pigmentation, be gone! A new and revolutionary treatment is at Azure to finally help solve your skin frustrations. No more dark spots, uneven skin tone or pigmentation (also known as Melasma.) For so long, this might have seemed like a pipedream, but now you can take action to:

  • Remove melasma, sunspots and freckles
  • Reduce sun damage
  • Even out skin tone
  • Improve overall skin radiance
  • Boost your confidence.

Dermamelan, the world’s number one permanent solution to skin pigmentation has the beauty industry talking; it is the epitome of luxury. With only limited spots available, this is your chance to say goodbye to wearing makeup and give yourself the skin you deserve.

how it works

  1. Once the skin is primed, the Dermamelan® peel is applied. Formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients
  2. Your skin therapist will give you take home products to look after your skin after the treatment and ensure you get the best possible results.


Dermamelan® removes up to 95% of skin pigmentation and discoloration concerns and results start to show in the first two weeks after treatment.



suitable for:

Suitable, safe and effective for all skin types.



time for treatment:

  • Peel: Applied by your skin therapist, the peel is worn for 8 to 12 hours, depending on your skin. You can return home and wash the mask off yourself
  • Maintenance: Take-home maintenance products will be given to you, including maintenance cream and are included in your treatment price. Your skin therapist will explain how to use these.




1 week. Your skin will be red and tender in the first 48 hours post treatment.



treatments required:

One treatment is often enough to attain the desired results however many people see results in the first two weeks.




Results visible in as little as one treatment session.

The effects are long lasting, with no downtime or significant discomfort



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