VISIA Skin Analysis

An in depth analysis of your individual facial characteristics

Achieving better skin would be simple if we could only see what’s going on below the surface. VISIA is a leading edge skin analysis system that allows us to do just that. It’s non-invasive imaging process scans your skin to uncover its hidden strengths and weaknesses. By taking high quality standardised facial images, VISIA measures all different aspects of your skin’s health. This includes pigmentation, pore size and porphyrins (bacteria within your pores that can lead to acne). It also scans for UV spots, sun damage, texture, and wrinkles and even tells you your actual skin age. 

VISIA is designed to complement and enrich your aesthetic and skin care consultations. With such a comprehensive analysis we are able to provide you with a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of your skin, how it compares to your age group and the treatment it requires to achieve your skin goals. Over time, reimaging maps the progress your skin has made, allowing us to further target our treatment program to ensure you get the best results. This gives you a play by play of how your skin regime is working for you.

results from the visia skin imaging which maps out a woman's skin on her face.


suitable for:

All skin types

time for treatment:

15-30 minutes dependant on analysis chosen.



treatments required:

Your initial analysis acts as your baseline analysis. We then recommend you book in for a VISIA analysis two to three times a year to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment plan and how your skin goals are progressing.


Create a roadmap of your skin health through advanced imaging, tailor your treatment plans with precision, track your skin’s progress, discover your actual skin age. 

Treatment results

womans face is mapped with the visia machine showing her spots
womans face is digitally mapped by the visia machine to show her skin spots.
womans face is mapped with the visia machine showing her red spots


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