The Gossip on Laser Hair Removal Options

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The Gossip on
Laser Hair Removal Options.

What is IPL? What are your laser hair removal options? — because you don’t want hair there!

Quick, permanent body hair removal options

How can you get rid of unwanted hair — permanently? There are many ways to remove excess body hair. As we all know, some are temporary and mean you are facing the same discomfort over and over again (like waxing). Permanent hair removal is a bigger investment.

How do you know you are choosing the right hair removal option? Think about the time you’re saving once you don’t have to shave those sensitive areas. Or, how long it takes to shave if you have too much body hair?

laser hair removal options

Why are the GP’s laser hair removal options so pricey?

The laser used by a GP is more powerful than the Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, sometimes used in “cheaper” laser clinics. As GPs, we guarantee that the treatment is safe and doesn’t affect your skin. A GP has the medical knowledge to carefully select the laser technology that works with your skin and hair type.

So, is laser really better than IPL?

You want sexy, smooth skin, but wonder if laser is really necessary. What is IPL? More advertising or more accuracy? IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is often promoted as a laser-type solution. But it actually isn’t the same technology. With IPL, the treatment won’t target the areas as accurately as a laser does. There are more risks for damaging the surrounding skin.

Ever heard the phrase “laser sharp”?

That’s because laser accuracy is the better hair removal option. As GPs, we use only a single wavelength with our medical laser treatments. This means, our lasers use one single colour of light, lined up and pointing exactly where it needs to point.

You’re not convinced. Really how does it work?

Our lasers target the pigment at the base of the hair follicle, rapidly heating it, and killing the follicle — permanently. Because it’s so precisely controlled, there’s little or no effect or damage to surrounding skin. Unlike IPL and it can be used on all skin types.

laser hair removal options

Time for results and — how many treatments?

Typically with laser hair removal, you will need less treatments than with IPL. Seriously, most hair removal takes between 3 and 6 visits. And, there are less risks of side effects.

Call and book a quick consultation with our GP. You will find the answers to your laser hair removal options.

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