General Health Checks are important for everyone, especially for the over 55’s, those who only rarely see a doctor, and anyone with pre-existing medical conditions.

General Health Checks are easy and convenient to have at our Cottesloe GP Clinic. We can also arrange blood tests and DEXA Body Composition Scans right here on site.

Apart from general health checks we also provide specialised health assessments including:

– Executive Medicals
– Insurance Medicals
– Recreational Scuba Diving Medicals
– Pre-Employment Medicals
– Skin Checks
– Men’s Health and Women’s Health Checks
– Heart checks (including referrals for blood tests, CT scans, exercise stress tests and echocardiograms)

So whether you want to plan in general health checks for yourself or your family members, or book a specialised health assessment, please get in touch with us.