A wide variety of medical services, catered to your needs, delivered with enthusiasm and innovative technology.

How we view the role of the General Practitioner.

When you come and see your GP at Cottesloe Central, it’s about you as a person, not just about your symptoms. That’s why we are interested in your family and your story. Our GP’s at Cottesloe Central feel part of your community.

When your family needs a trusted Family GP.

There are moments in life where you want to feel you can count on a reliable Family GP. We are available for your health checks, in our modern medical centre at Cottesloe Central. So whether you’ve searched for “GP near me”, “GP Cottesloe”, “GP Nedlands”, “GP Claremont”, or “GP Swanbourne”… we’re just minutes away at Cottesloe Central (technically we are in the suburb of Peppermint Grove).

First stop on your travels: your GP.

Before you leave for an overseas trip, please make sure you pencil in a stopover with your GP at Cottesloe Central, to discuss your travel immunisations. In our Cottesloe medical centre we have the experience and expertise to look at your travel plans from a health perspective.

A modern Medical Centre and a team of enthusiastic professionals.

At Azure Medical in Cottesloe we pride ourselves in having a unique combination of skills, enthusiasm, and the latest medical technology. That’s why we offer comprehensive Management Plans for patients with conditions lasting more than 3 months.