What Happens During Incontinence Treatment

woman bending over, clutching her lower abdomen.

A laugh, a cough, a sneeze – oh no! 

If you spend way too much time holding your breath because incontinence might strike at the slightest snigger, you’re probably curious about incontinence treatment and how it works. Fear of ‘a little leakage’ is common for women who have given birth or who are over the age of 40. The good news is, there are now numerous non-invasive ways to stop incontinence (that actually work); one of the most effective being vaginal laser treatment. 

To provide you with all the confidence you need to take control of your incontinence and try Vaginal Laser Treatment for yourself, read on as we break down the step by step process. 


woman sneezing at a cafe table with her laptop.

Sneeze without the worry of leakage after the non-invasive incontinence treatment.


What is urinary incontinence treatment?

First thing’s first, it’s important to understand exactly what Vaginal Laser Treatment does. In short, it involves heating the internal vaginal walls with a very precise laser to stimulate collagen production. With increased collagen, you improve the strength and structure of the vagina which builds up your pelvic floor and better supports the bladder.


Incontinence treatment process

The best part about non-invasive laser treatment for incontinence is that it usually only takes 2 short treatment sessions, 4 weeks apart. How good is that?! Let’s take a look at the step by step process. 


1. Consultation with a medical doctor

Before we book you in for Vaginal Laser Treatment you’ll meet with a doctor to discuss your concerns. Here you will receive a full assessment of your incontinence, discuss your options and your eligibility for Vaginal Laser Treatment. If you’re a good candidate and wish to proceed your doctor will provide a detailed explanation of the treatment before going ahead.


2. Book your incontinence treatments

You’ll need to book 2 treatments with this procedure (in severe cases this may be 3, but the doctor will discuss this with you). While you’re at the clinic, make sure you lock in both your first and second treatment dates so they’re spaced correctly apart from each other. 


3. Preparation for treatment

Oh, look! You don’t need to do anything to prepare for your treatment. Vaginal Laser Treatment doesn’t involve any anaesthesia, oral drugs or special precautions. However, be sure to check with your doctor if you have any concerns or anxieties before treatment. 


4. First laser treatment commences

Lie back and relax. At your first treatment, your doctor will use a very precise laser to heat the inner vaginal walls. This laser stimulates the production of collagen and increases the strength of the pelvic floor. The whole treatment process takes about 30 minutes and the best news is, you’ll experience minimal to no discomfort. It may just feel warm or hot. Pain-free, yes, please! 


5. Downtime after first treatment

There’s zero downtime with urinary incontinence treatment. In fact, you can go back to work and daily activities as soon as your treatment is over. It is recommended you wait 2 weeks before having sexual intercourse or using tampons however, your doctor will advise you on your particular circumstances at your treatment. 


6. Wait 4 weeks

To ensure your treatment is effective it’s required you wait 4 weeks between sessions. This gives the laser-targeted areas a chance to heal, build new collagen and strengthen. 


7. Second laser treatment commences

With one treatment down, you’ll know exactly what to expect the second time around. Your second treatment will be the same as the first and will also take around 30 minutes to complete. 


8. Downtime after second treatment

Your second time will be similar to the first, in that there’s no downtime involved with your procedure. However, like the first treatment, you will be required to wait approximately 2 weeks before having sexual intercourse or using tampons. Your doctor will inform you on what is best for your individual circumstances when you complete your treatment.


9. Feel the benefits

Now your treatments are complete and you’ve had time to heal you’ll start to feel the benefits of your urinary incontinence treatment immediately. The body’s natural repair process will continue over the next 6 months so you can expect the benefits to increase over time. This could include increased lubrication, leakage prevention and enhanced sexual pleasure.



Now you’ve seen just how easy it is to say goodbye to incontinence and get back to living the carefree, confident lifestyle you’re used to, why wait?! It’s time to embrace the laughter again! Book in now with one of our friendly doctors to learn more about how we can help you.


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