Why You Should Love the ‘I’ in Single

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Single life. Whether you choose it or it chooses you one thing is crystal clear, being single lets you do things your way. Want to date, start swiping! Want to jump on a plane and lie on a beach in Greece, book a ticket! Want to stay up till 4am on a Saturday night, why not? The only thing you really have to commit to right now, is your gym membership and your Netflix subscription!

But being single comes with its ups and downs. Having to draw on inner strength without a partner to lean on, when you think about it, is actually pretty impressive. As a single you’re out there doing it on your own, writing your story your way. And that’s worth celebrating.  

So why do singles sometimes doubt themselves? 

  1. Airbrushed looks and lifestyles are unrealistic
    In our age of ‘always on’ social media, singles can feel less secure within themselves. Between super fit models, Photoshop, and digital nomads living in Bali with their insta-boy/girlfriends, self-doubt and comparisons can often creep in. It’s important to realise that these airbrushed looks and lifestyles are unrealistic and artificial – those lines that have started to appear around your eyes are the same lines someone else is blurring out with editing apps.
  1. Life doesn’t always come as a prescription
    You’re single, fabulous and loving it! But life may not have progressed in the cookie-cutter way your friends and family expect. That’s when that inner voice might kick in. Am I dating the right kind of person? Is my biological clock ticking? Have I focused too much on my career? Remember, life doesn’t always come as a prescription. Societies expectations affect everyone; of course other people’s reactions influence the way you live, drive and survive day-to-day. But – love the life you’re building – you keep doing you!
  1. Focus on wellness
    Flying solo lets you breathe. With no commitments right now, a weekend for you could look like a Bike Bar class, lounging with a book at Cottesloe beach or just curling up on the couch indulging in a Netflix binge. But don’t feel guilty about using this time to focus on wellness. Soon life won’t allow you these little flexibilities, so right now when every second is your own, why not just run with it? Sleep in an extra hour and go for that cheeky Sunday afternoon brunch.

Let’s celebrate singles! 

For all the fancy-free fun that single life presents, you also have to work pretty hard to feel great. Whether it’s keeping a positive state of mind, working on your physical health or putting effort into looking good. Don’t get the guilts when you do you – spending time on your wellbeing only makes riding solo all the more empowering and fulfilling. So take the time to find what makes you feel amazing.

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