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There’s nothing more uplifting for parents than seeing your teenager happy. The squeeze of a goodbye hug, the excitement of unwrapping a new smartphone, the laughter when telling a funny story after school. That’s why it’s so difficult when you notice your ‘baby’ change, sometimes overnight.

The mood swings, the negativity, staying out too late, hanging out anywhere but home – it’s a challenging time for parents, but what about their challenges? The teenage years are a bubbling concoction of hormones, body changes and social pressures. And beneath the angst is often a vulnerable young person struggling to find their place in a world where no one understands them.

So what exactly is going on, and how can we love and support modern teenagers?

  1. Self care
    Issues like acne can be debilitating for teens, and not just physically. Many experience bullying at school and online that can cause lasting mental anguish. It takes time to come to terms with these changes, meaning confidence can quickly evaporate. Thankfully there are simple medical solutions that can help reduce self-consciousness.
  2. Thinking clearly
    Teenagers are exposed to countless new social situations for the first time, from high school to parties, friends and relationships. While some take it in their stride, others struggle to cope with all the peer pressure. Paying close attention to signs like irritability and changing eating patterns can help identify deeper issues that can be treated by talking to professionals.
  3. Un-complicating life
    For parents who didn’t grow up with technology like smartphones, it might seem logical to assume screen obsession leads to moody, reclusive behaviour. However, research suggests it is more likely that anxiety is driving teens to ‘escape’ behind the screen. Taking the time to better understand the sources of this anxiety gives us the best chance to make positive changes in their lives.

Let’s celebrate teens.

Instead of enduring the teen years, maybe it’s time to celebrate them. As parents, we all have the opportunity to be more understanding. By helping clear up their skin, strengthen their mental health and restore their self-confidence, together we can help teens navigate this complicated time in their lives.

To learn how Rapid Transformation Therapy, Hydrafacial, Omnilux, Laser Acne and General Practitioner (GP) Services can help your teen be strong, happy and confident, talk to your friendly experts at Azure today.

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