What You Can Do to Celebrate Yourself (And Others)

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If it feels good, don’t do it – at least, that’s what the pleasure police have led us to believe! If you’ve ever felt judged for your looks or life choices, you’ve no doubt experienced the ‘you taboo’. Yet isn’t passionately pursuing joy, contentment and pleasure the best thing we can do for each other in life?

At Azure Medical, over the next few months we will be taking a stand by campaigning for a more tolerant attitude toward self-love. If you listen to your body about what really feels good, there’s no need to feel guilty, ashamed or self-conscious about improving your looks and thoughts.

In fact, it’s an integral part of great health.

When you feel better about yourself, you might sleep better, which improves your mood and gives you more energy to be a better mother, father, partner or worker. Even if it starts out about you, the flow-on effect will improve the lives around you too.

What you can do

If you’re nodding in agreement, then come on a journey with us. Ignite the fire and follow our stories, use the hashtag and join in on the conversation to promote self-love. Along the way you could find yourself challenging old ways of thinking (about what you can and can’t do), find more constructive ways of living ‘how I want’, and be excited to discover other people feel and think just like you. Who knows, you may even find yourself being less judgemental.

Celebrating you might lead you to question (and change) ways you treat people, accepting them for who they are. You’ll probably find new ways to embrace what you have in common (rather than judging what makes us different). ‘Cos when you take a moment and think about it, they’re just ‘celebrating me’ too.

So how do you celebrate yourself?

Celebrate mums

You never asked for the stretch marks or weak bladder. It’s not like you enjoy not eating soft cheese for nine months, passing up Friday nights out with friends or spending all weekend taxi-ing the kids to sports. So why feel guilty about feeling good for once? A little bodysculpting to remove those hard-to-move unwanted areas can give you confidence to be a more active mum and wear the clothes you want. A “female” rejuvenation could do wonders for your mental health and relationship. Even a HydraFacial can make you feel human again. Let’s face it, you earned it!

Celebrate dads

It’s tough being a dad, with all those out-dated expectations to live up to. Be strong, provide for your family, toughen up, be a man. Yet what could be stronger than admitting your mental health needs some TLC. Removing that unwanted body hair, or getting rid of a few lines and wrinkles doesn’t make you less of a man. Being a real dad is about listening, teaching, loving (and maybe on occasion dressing up as a princess). By putting yourself first, you’ll feel in the right space physically and mentally to be the best dad possible.

Celebrate brides

Placing a lot of pressure on yourself to look perfect is often part and parcel of a wedding day. It’s a day when there is so much expectation and excitement that sometimes it can be a bit hard to handle. But when you feel beautiful on the inside and out, all that planning and rehearsing will be worth it. You’ll feel relaxed, happy and ready to make the most of your big day. Many brides spoil themselves with beauty treatments to achieve silky smooth radiant skin or luscious voluminous lips. Do it for you – that’s all that matters.

Celebrate teens

It goes without saying teenage years are a bubbling concoction of hormones, body changes, getting through exams and dealing with social pressures. Your once bubbly kid can lose confidence overnight, overburdened by self-consciousness about acne and false negative perceptions about how they look. Maybe many people don’t realise there are great alternatives available for your teens’ physical and mental health. Omnilux Light Therapy, HydraFacials or RTT are just the beginning to help them on their journey of self confidence.

Celebrate singles

Body image is more important for singles than ever before as we swipe our way through potential suitors. Some may shame you into thinking you’re, promiscuous – so what? If living your best life as a single is where you want to be right now, that’s great – don’t let others put you down. You certainly shouldn’t feel ashamed about spending time and effort on how you look and feel. Treatments like HydraFacials, skin peels and fillers help give singles the confidence to bravely put themselves out there.

It’s time to feel good about feeling good again. Let’s reclaim the mantra – and have the conversation.

It’s time to find your feelgood and #celebrateme. See you online.


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