The Most Time Efficient Way To Treat Your Rosacea

The Most Time Efficient Way To Treat Your Rosacea - azure medical perth

Look in the mirror and have radiant, glowing skin look back. This may sound like a dream, but it can be your new reality. 

Yes, while topical treatments can work, you may have experienced by now they only offer a temporary solution to your rosacea and redness concerns.

So let’s get your skin confidence back for good.

Start by ditching the false promises of skincare products which litter your bathroom shelf, and swap it for proper treatment from trained medical professionals who will aim to get you long lasting results.

Read on to find out the most time efficient way to treat your rosacea now.


What is rosacea?

Firstly, let’s understand rosacea. Rosacea is an chronic inflammatory skin condition that usually appears on the face. Rosacea is characterised by redness, prominent blood vessels, bumps and pimples. 

Both men and women of any age can experience rosacea, however it is most common for women in their 30s-60s. 

The exact cause of rosacea is not known, however the following things have been known to increase it: 

  • Medications, like those used to regulate blood pressure, which dilate blood vessels 
  • Hot and spicy foods 
  • Caffeine and alcohol  
  • Skin mites 
  • Foods which contain cinnamaldehyde, including; cinnamon, citrus fruits and chocolate.
treat rosacea fast perth
Characterised by red, bumpy skin, rosacea can be a big cause of insecurities, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Laser rosacea treatment is a fast and pain free solution.


Rosacea diagnosis and treatment

Your GP can help diagnose rosacea and rule out any other conditions that can cause similar symptoms. These include eczema, lupus or psoriasis. 

Traditionally, medications and creams have been used to help treat rosacea, with the most common types being: 

  • Topical treatments which temporarily constrict blood vessels and reduce redness 
  • Oral antibiotics to help get bumps and pimples under control 
  • Oral acne medications to clear up bumps and pimples that haven’t responded to other treatments. 

These treatments work well but often have short term results and need to be used daily. 

At Azure Medical we are very proud to offer an alternative that can work in place of, or in conjunction with, these treatments. Let us introduce you to laser rosacea treatment. 


How laser is different

Pain free? Check.
Fast? Check.
Side effects? Nope! 

Laser is an incredibly effective and time saving  tool for shrinking overactive and dilated blood vessels. 

Most exciting of all, this is an effective, long-term rosacea treatment. Patients can see a 50-75% reduction in symptoms after just a couple of treatments. With regular maintenance treatments, the benefits continue.  

how to treat rosacea fast - azure medical perth
#nofilter skin. Use laser treatment to turn your skin dreams into a reality!


The treatment process 

How laser rosacea treatment works

Laser rosacea treatment works by using heat from the laser light to cause the blood vessels behind your rosacea to shrink, as a result redness, lumps and bumps subside.


How many sessions does it take?

Every person has a unique skin type and experience with rosacea, so results will vary. On average, most patients need between 4-6 laser treatments, spread out to be 3-4 weeks apart. Often we will continue long term maintenance treatments every 3-12 months.


How long does each treatment take and is there any downtime?

One of the biggest benefits of laser rosacea treatment is not only how effective it is, but also how quick and easy the process can be. Sessions only take 20-30 minutes and there is no downtime after your treatment.



At Azure Medical Perth, we use air-cooling after treatment to reduce any redness from the heating process but that’s as far as you need to go. You don’t need to apply any kind of topical treatments after your laser rosacea treatment. 


If you’re ready to make your #skingoals a reality, get in touch with one of our friendly specialists now. Book your appointment here



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