Bio-remodelling Injections

Bio-remodelling Injections

The level of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in our skin depletes as we age, causing the…

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Venus Versa

If you’re seeking to solve aesthetic concerns without surgery or invasive methods, you’re going to love the…

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omnilux contour face

omnilux contour face for anti-ageing

As we age, damaged skin loses elasticity and the ability to regulate pigment production. This leads to…

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mens cosmetics

Cosmetics and Skin Services for Men Feeling happy and confident in your own skin is vital for…

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azure medical - doctor in cottesloe - gp in cottesloe

family gp & health

Behind every thriving family is a trusted relationship with a GP. This trust, paired with evidence-based medicine,…

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woman is laying down while getting an aquagold facials done by a cosmetic professional.


The future of good skin lies in bespoke treatments. But it’s how you apply these treatments that…

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woman rests face against the visia machine preparing for it to take digital imaging of her face.

VISIA Skin Analysis

Achieving better skin would be simple if we could only see what’s going on below the surface….

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Silhouette Threading- Azure Medical

Silhouette Soft Threading

Get the benefits of a facelift… Without surgery! With age, your skin loses elasticity and volume. You…

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Gradually restore youthful volume with Sculptra – a natural looking liquid facelift. Different to wrinkle relaxers or…

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Melasma treatment pigmentation dermamelan perth cottesloe


Pigmentation, be gone! A new and revolutionary treatment is at Azure to finally help solve your skin…

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