Acne Scarring – How To Treat It Now


Acne scarring isn’t just a physical problem for many people. These scars can be felt emotionally too, diminishing confidence and self-esteem. The good news is that many treatments are available for acne scarring.

What causes acne and acne scarring?

Acne usually starts to appear in the teenage years when our skin becomes oilier. Our pores can become blocked by this oil and dead skin cells, trapping sebum and bacteria. This leads to redness and swelling, known as a ‘break out’.

Acne breakouts can damage your skin, including the tissue underneath. When the acne starts to clear, your body’s natural healing process kicks in and produces collagen. Collagen is designed to support your skin, but scarring can occur when too much or too little collagen is produced.

If not enough collagen is produced, depressions or ‘pits’ are created as the skin heals. In contrast, if there is too much collagen, the scars are raised. Raised scars are more common in people with skin of colour.

Does everyone with acne end up with scarring? What are the risk factors?

Not all acne breakouts result in scarring. The risk factors for scarring are:

· Level of inflammation: Red, swollen and painful acne (including cysts and nodules) has the ability to penetrate the skin deeply, leading to damage
· Genetics: You are more likely to scar if a family member also experienced scarring
· Picking and squeezing: Trying to pop, squeeze or pick at the acne can increase the level of inflammation and the risk of scarring
· Delaying (or avoiding) treatment: The longer you have acne, the more likely you are to scar.

How you can treat acne and acne scarring (properly)

The first step of treating acne scarring is to rid your skin of all existing acne. Acne inflammation can reduce the effectiveness of scar treatments, and some acne medications shouldn’t be taken in tandem with other treatments. Treating existing acne first can also stop new scars forming down the track.

Treating acne is a multifaceted process, ranging from enhancing your diet and lifestyle to seeking out the latest treatments. At Azure Medical, you’ll find trained professionals ready to advise you on the full spectrum of help available, including:

· Comprehensive consult & skin analysis: The surface of your skin only tells part of the story. A VISIA Skin Analysis is a non-invasive scan that measures all aspects of your skin’s health and can identify acne-causing bacteria hidden within your pores. A trained consultant will explain your results, with future scans able to track your progress and fine-tune treatments.

· Facial peels: Facial peels can effectively treat acne prone skin. We choose Jan Marini facial peels as they are easy, pain free and deliver excellent results. Treatments take about 45 minutes.

· Hydrafacials: Known as the ‘holy grail of facials’, Hydrafacials are recommended for acne-prone skin. This smart treatment painlessly extracts debris from pores, exfoliates, moisturises and protects your skin with antioxidants and peptides. It takes just 30 minutes and there is no downtime.

· Omnilux light therapy for acne: Omnilux light therapy is a clinically proven solution that attacks acne at the source. Blue and red LED light therapy destroys bad bacteria while also reducing inflammation and pore size, stabilising oil production and encouraging cell growth. Omnilux light therapy is suitable for people with mild to moderate inflammatory acne and there’s no pain, no downtime and no side effects.

· Jan Marini products: Medical grade, evidence-based skin care products play a vital role in skin repair. We have found that combining Jan Marini products with other skin treatments (such as microneedling or facial peels) leads to a longer lasting result. Your tailored Jan Marini acne treatment plan will likely include a cleanser, followed by ‘Duality’ and ‘Physical Protect’.

Treat acne scars at Azure Medical and Cosmetics Perth.

Treatments for acne scarring

Once your acne is cleared up, it’s time to treat acne scarring. At Azure Medical, we seek out the latest technology to deliver acne scarring treatment in the safety and comfort of our clinic.

· Laser: Laser waves have the ability to break down scar tissue caused by acne. Skin is deeply regenerated and renewed, usually resulting in less severe scarring. Treatment takes approximately half an hour, and 3-6 treatments are required. You may feel like you’ve been sunburnt, as your skin will be dry and peel. This can last for about 4-5 days. It is always a joy to see patients thrilled by the results they’ve received from laser acne scarring treatment.

· Microneedling: Mderma skin needling, or microneedling, is a natural treatment that triggers the body’s own healing process, boosting collagen and repairing damaged skin. Known as the ‘next generation in damaged skin repair’, microneedling harnesses advanced, innovative technology to reduce acne scarring. Microneedling takes only one hour and is safe for all skin types. Our patients often start to see results after their very first treatment. About 4-6 microneedling treatments are usually recommended, and your skin will keep improving for the next 6-12 months once treatment has finished.

· Venus NFRF treatments (NanoFractional Radio Frequency): Access innovative skin resurfacing technology via the Venus Versa at Azure Medical. Nanofractional Radio Frequency (Rf) can decrease the appearance of acne scars with minimal downtime after treatment.

· Jan Marini products: The potent powers of Jan Marini’s anti-ageing products can help your skin to fight back against acne scars. The award-winning ‘Retinol Plus’ features an advanced solution to improve the appearance of skin texture, while ‘Peptide Extreme’ boasts a concentrated fusion of five unique peptides to help skin repair and heal.

At Azure Medical, we’re here to help you ‘find your feel good.’

If you have acne scarring on your face and / or body, it’s natural that you might not feel your best. The good news is that we can help in many ways, from advising you regarding self-care at home to delivering world-class treatments in-house at our welcoming clinic.

Take back control of your acne issues at Azure Medical.

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