Bride On The Line: Why You Are Your Own Fairy Godmother

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Your wedding is your Cinderella fairy tale, the one day when you magically transform into a princess and live out your happily ever after. Yet behind all the glamour and theatre is relentless pressure to achieve perfection – especially when it comes to beauty.

For many, the weight of expectation eventually breaks us, leading to stress and depression. So whose fairy tale is it exactly? It’s time to realise you hold the wand. Here’s how to “celebrate you” on your Wedding Day.

    1. Be your own princess
      It’s little wonder we compare ourselves to other brides on the ‘gram’ – those photos will be on the wall forever, and you’ve only got one chance to get it right. But what is ‘right’? Many brides feel pressured by standards we invent in our own minds based on false perceptions of friends, family and other brides. If you want to walk the isle truly glowing, energised and relaxed, make a vow to make choices for you as a unique and individual person..
    2. Respect your body
      Brides often feel the need to take extreme measures in the pursuit of perfection, from fad diets to invasive surgery. The truth is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best on your wedding day – yet respecting your body is the first step to radiating confidence. There are ways to enhance your natural beauty that are both safe and effective.
    3. Keep it simple
      Planning the perfect wedding consumes your mind and time, turning even the calmest bride into bridezilla. So when it comes to looking and feeling great, sometimes less is more. Push past the burden of expectation telling yourself you ‘need’ to hire a full time PT and talk to beauty and health professionals who can help you achieve your goals simply and realistically.

It’s time to find your feelgood

When you listen to your body and make decisions for you (and you alone), you’ll take a huge weight off your shoulders on your wedding day. And when you look back, you’ll feel happy (and even proud) for having taken control of the experience and embracing the beautiful bride only you know how to be.

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