Our faces say a thousand words, from the warmth of a proud smile, to the sting of…

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Weight Loss - weight lost doctor cottesloe

weight loss

Weight loss is a difficult, complicated long term issue representing one of the top health concerns of…

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header - fine lines and wrinkles - ageing cottesloe2

volume loss

As we age, firm skin and natural fatty areas in our face that used to make us…

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header - snoring and sleep apnoea treatment - perth

snoring problems

Humorously thought of as next level heavy breathing, snoring affects a surprising large percentage of the population….

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pigmentation and sun damage treatment - freckle removal

pigmentation + sun damage

‘Hyperpigmentation’ describes an area of skin significantly darker than your natural pigmentation. Caused by sun damage, inflammation…

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melasma treatment - treatment for dark patches on skin


A common disorder, Melasma is where skin pigmentation changes to brown or grey patches, typically on the…

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header - fine lines and wrinkles - ageing cottesloe

fine lines + wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines on the face are one of the most visible signs of ageing and…

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excessive hair removal cottesloe - hair removal treatments for men

excessive hair

Hair is a healthy and natural function of everyone’s body. However, there are occasions where too much…

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cellulite concerns - cellulite treatment perth

cellulite reduction

Cellulite is fat sitting just beneath the surface of skin trapped between tight bands of connective tissue….

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Header - Face treatments in perth - face treatments cottesloe

acne + acne scarring concerns

At Azure Medical, we believe being happy in your own skin will have a positive effect on…

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