What to eat after CoolSculpting?


Perhaps you’re wondering what to eat after CoolSculpting? After all, the fat freezing treatment breaks down about 20% of the fat cells. So, maybe now you can eat whatever you want?

Food, glorious food.

Spoiler alert! The answer is ‘nope’…..you cannot eat whatever you want after CoolSculpting. Fat-freezing helps reduce the persistent flab leftover after losing weight. It’s not a replacement for diet and exercise. The best diets after Coolsculpting include plenty of fresh foods and high-protein meals to help stop bad-food cravings and binge eating. Additionally, you should avoid extreme diet products that stress your body.

Can fat come back after CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that breaks down around 20%-25% of the stubborn fat cells from a zone just beneath the skin. That means 75%-80% of the remaining fat cells can ‘plump back up’ if you don’t maintain a healthy routine.

Before fat freezing.

All hope is not lost. Azure Medical has DEXA Body Composition scans, our dietitian Lizzie and your GP to help you lose weight. It’s not uncommon to struggle with cycles of weight gain and weight loss. Worse, you may experience constant weight gain as you age. Let us look for hormonal changes, thyroid function, and health issues that cause weight gain. CoolSculpting might not be the best solution if there are other causes for the weight gain.

Results, not just what you eat.

After fat freezing, you can continue to enjoy a new, toned shape. In fact, you can return to exercise right after the fat freezing. Many of our clients now feel much more motivated as they feel great about the way they look. Maybe you might consider a little group pressure! Show up to a regular group at the gym, or hire a fitness trainer to keep you on course.

Watch out for sneaky foods.

Those pounds can creep back on. What to eat after CoolSculpting includes what and how NOT to eat. Be on the lookout for those calories hidden in coffees, snacks, sweetened drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Have a plan for eating in moderation during holidays and parties. Also, avoid eating while distracted by the computer or driving.

Be happy in your own skin. Feel good about what you eat and how you look. Book a private consult with Azure Medical to check your health program and get the most out of life.

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Lizzie Yorkston

Lizzie is our much-loved Dietitian & Nutritionist. She holds a Bachelor of Exercise & Nutrition Science, with a Master of Dietetic Studies both completed at the University of Queensland.She is also an experienced fitness mentor and a passionate advocate for the amazing influence that nutrition can have on every aspect of our lives.

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