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Male Stomach After Coolsculpting

Welcome to this short article about Coolsculpting or ‘fat-freezing’.

We all want to look good, right? We work hard in the gym, try to stick to a good diet and live a healthy lifestyle. But, as time goes on, it becomes a lot more difficult to shift fat in stubborn areas. We get bulges in places we would rather not have them….man boobs, love handles and the double chin being prime examples.

The problem is, those areas of don’t have much blood supply, so it’s difficult for the body to metabolise and break down the fat. That’s where Coolsculpting comes in – it’s an alternative to liposuction that requires no needles, no drugs, no surgery and you can get back to your normal activities straight away. At Azure, we do lots of Coolsculpting for the ladies, but we wanted to let you know that guys do just as well, in fact sometimes even better!

Cryolipolisis is a method of fat removal that it is still unknown to many people. The method involves applying a suction device to the body that gently sucks in an area of skin and the underlying fat. The machine then cools the area to the point of freezing, and keeps it at a certain temperature for 35 – 60 minutes. Because fat cells are broken down by freezing quicker than skin or muscle, Coolsculpting kills off 20-25% of the fat cells in that area, without damaging those other tissues. The dead fat cells release their contents, and are broken down and excreted  by the body quite harmlessly.

Because at Azure we only use the genuine Coolsculpting machine, with all of its unique safety systems (such as sensors to prevent skin burns which are not always found on cheaper ‘copy’ machines), we find we get great results with a very high level of satisfaction. We also have an extremely low rate of any troublesome complications or side effects. Plus you will feel in safe hands with our Coolsculpting staff, Maira and Ailsa, who are both trained to degree standard.

After Coolsculpting, it can take up to 12 weeks to see results, as the body needs time to metabolize the fat cells that were killed off during the treatment. However, some people start to see a change in as little as four weeks. It’s a really good idea to think ahead – let’s say you have a holiday coming up, and you want to feel great about the way you look on the beach, it would be best to plan your Coolsculpting 3 months ahead of time.

The beauty of Coolsculpting is that as long as you maintain your weight with a good healthy diet and lifestyle, the bulges won’t come back on as those fat cells will have been removed permanently.

As to the cost, that’s of course one of the first questions that clients want to ask.  The honest truth is that we can’t tell you exactly how much your treatment will cost before your consultation, as it depends entirely upon your individual body and your goals. Some clients need more applications of the machine, or cycles, than others, and pricing is based upon this number of cycles. Treatments don’t have to be all at once – it might be better for you, or your budget, to spread it over a number of visits. There’s no doubt that it’s not cheap, as Coolsculpting is considered the “Rolls Royce” of non-surgical fat removal, but we try to make it as affordable as possible, for example  by giving access to payment plans through Zip Money. We keep our prices competitive with other clinics and will gladly price-match any written quote given elsewhere  for genuine Coolsculpting treatment.

If you’re interested in Coolsculpting, or would like to find out more, we would love to see you for a free comprehensive consultation. This will enable us to answer all of your questions and is of course completely no-obligation -relax, we are not pushy salespeople! To book your consult please just give us a call on 9286 9900.

We are happy to see you on Saturday mornings if that is easier for you!

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Richard Newton

Dr Richard Newton grew up in Warwickshire, England and went to University in Southampton, qualifying in medicine in 1991. Richard’s medical career has taken him around the world in a wide range of roles, from a ship’s Medical Officer on a frigate during the Balkans War, to rural General Practice on King Island, Tasmania. Richard has completed further Professional Development in Laser and Cosmetic Medicine, Skin Cancer Management, Sports Medicine and Internal Medicine.

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