The Latest Beauty Trends – Laser Treatments by your GP.

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For many Australians, Laser Treatments by highly-trained specialist GP’s have become a great Beauty option. They are safe, effective, affordable, comfortable and involve no-hassle.

Achieve Flawless Skin with Laser Treatments.

Get the results you’re looking for – fast. This means more confidence when you look in the mirror. Plus, the results are totally natural. You won’t look plastic – you’ll look like a younger, fresher version of yourself.

In just a few sessions, you can achieve smoother, plumper, tighter skin. You can reduce your wrinkles and sun-damage or pigmentation. You could also get rid of unwanted body hair, veins or unsightly blood vessels, or more. It’s no wonder laser treatment for your skin is getting so popular. Who wouldn’t want to look their best with little effort and next to no downtime?

If you’re looking into the benefits of the best laser treatment, here’s what you need to know.

1. Beauty Guide – Different Types of Cosmetic Lasers.

There are a wide range of laser treatments performed for numerous skin complaints and issues. Whether you’re keen to address the signs of aging, stubborn acne, or acne scars, there’s a treatment out there that can do it. At Azure Medical, a professional Medical Centre, we only use the best equipment and all of our laser treatments are performed by highly trained and experienced doctors, assisted by our friendly nursing team. Why take the risk of some beauty clinics which often use outdated or low-quality equipment, with next to no regulation?

NdYAG laser hair removal – don’t forget about body hair removal. If you want summer-ready skin when it’s time to slip into your bathers, a laser treatment can do that, too. Suitable for all areas of the face and body, and all skin types.

2. Smart Beauty Moments – Laser Treatments for the Skin.

A laser treatment for your skin is designed to work on certain tissues to stimulate rejuvenation. Some treatments work deep down to produce renewal of collagen, giving the skin more strength, elasticity and structure, effectively reducing wrinkles. Others work more on the surface, to reduce old, tired skin cells and reveal fresher, more youthful looking skin. We can help you reveal a brighter, more youthful you with every session.

Unlike IPL, a laser is a concentrated, very precise, thin beam of light of a single wavelength, or colour. This means that we can influence just the areas we want to treat, without damaging the other structures in the skin. This means less treatments, more results, and less risk of side effects such as burns.

3. The Best Laser Treatment for You.

So, what’s the best treatment for you? Your best laser treatment depends on what you need to touch-up.

  • Skin rejuvenation – Do you feel like you look tired no matter how much sleep you get? Is your skin developing fine lines, wrinkles, or crow’s feet? A laser treatment by GP can make you look years younger by removing these signs of aging.

Examples of laser skin rejuvenation treatments include:

Twinlight Laser Rejuvenation – this is a sophisticated 4-step process using the NdYAG and Erbium lasers in combination, to give marked rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits.

4D Non-surgical Facelight – this is a no or low downtime laser treatment that boosts collagen, firming and tightening the skin especially around the jowls and nasolabial folds.

Acne, blemishes and rosacea – If you’re dealing with acne scars, warts, or oily skin, a laser can correct those problems, too. We can treat both active acne and acne scarring:

Laser Treatment for Active Acne. This uses the NdYAG laser and is a no-downtime treatment, with no peeling and minimal redness. It’s used to treat the individual acne spots.

Laser Acne Scarring Treatment. The Erbium laser is a top-of-the-range treatment for resurfacing the skin, breaking down old scar tissue and giving you smoother, healthier skin.

Laser treatment of Rosacea. Rosacea is a very common skin problem only causing redness, flushing and pimples in 30-40 year olds and above. Laser is an excellent option for rosacea with usually no downtime.

Laser hair removal – A laser can banish unwanted body hair from your face, bikini line, or anywhere else on your body.

NdYAG laser hair removal – don’t forget about body hair removal. If you want summer-ready skin when it’s time to slip into your bathers, a laser treatment can do that, too. Suitable for all areas of the face and body, and all skin types.

Laser Treatment Means Long-Lasting Results.

Laser treatments by your GP seems almost too good to be true…..but here’s the clincher – it isn’t! A session or two can be all you need to look your best. Plus, these days recovery is likely to be way quicker that you might think. How great is that? If you’re ready to look great with laser treatment, book your no-obligation appointment here at Azure Medical in Cottesloe. Call 08 9286 9900 today.

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Richard Newton

Dr Richard Newton grew up in Warwickshire, England and went to University in Southampton, qualifying in medicine in 1991. Richard’s medical career has taken him around the world in a wide range of roles, from a ship’s Medical Officer on a frigate during the Balkans War, to rural General Practice on King Island, Tasmania. Richard has completed further Professional Development in Laser and Cosmetic Medicine, Skin Cancer Management, Sports Medicine and Internal Medicine.

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