LED light therapy: What It Is and How It Works

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So you’ve seen LED light therapy all over social media, your favourite influencer raves about it and you’re feeling… like maybe it’s time to look into it. While it might look like a Star Wars-themed light filter, Omnilux light therapy is actually your key to rejuvenated skin or finally getting acne-free.

So is there really a simple therapy that does it all with the flick of a switch?

Here’s the lowdown on what LED light therapy is and how it works. 



What does Omnilux light therapy treat?

LED (light-emitting diode) is a fast and non-invasive skincare therapy used to treat a range of skin concerns. Most people get light therapy for acne or wrinkles, but it also provides benefits in reducing inflammation, pigmentation and redness, while stimulating cell growth at the same time. 

Omnilux is commonly used in cosmetic and skin clinics, and it can even be used at home. (However, the outcome is less impressive when not administered by a professional.) In saying this, the results of LED light therapy are usually very positive and a significant improvement can be seen, as supported by this recent study.

You might consider Omnilux light therapy if you have any of these skin concerns:


How does LED light therapy work

LED light therapy has become increasingly popular for its cosmetic and aesthetic benefits, most notably for increasing collagen and skin tissue. Omnilux works to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin, while also reducing bacteria and inflammation in the epidermis. These benefits are delivered through different wavelengths using red or blue light frequencies. But don’t worry, there aren’t any ultraviolet (UV) rays in the light therapy. Your skin will love these lights! 

Omnilux Revive – Red light

Omnilux Revive transmits red light at a frequency of 633 nm. This frequency has both a rejuvenating and an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin so can be used for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction, acne, pigmentation, rosacea and more. The red LED works on cellular renewal and has also been proven to increase collagen as well as stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins, accelerate healing and calm the skin. It also helps produce serotonin (the feelgood hormone) so chances are you’ll walk out the door feeling extra chilled and happy after every session.

Omnilux Blue – Blue light

Omnilux Blue transmits blue light at a frequency of 415 nm. This frequency is used for the treatment of acne vulgaris and sun damage. By activating acids, anti-inflammatories and other goodies in the skin, it kills acne-causing bacteria and reduces superficial actinic keratosis. 


a woman is laying down with an omnilux led light machine emitting light onto her face. she wears goggles and a towel over her chest.
Omnilux red light therapy is best for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.


What are the benefits of Omnilux LED light therapy?

The biggest benefit of Omnilux LED light therapy is each lamp contains a single LED wavelength targeted to one specific concern.  This means each Omnilux lamp is designed to deliver the absolute optimal intensity light for its chosen function and your treatment isn’t filtered down. This differs greatly from its competitors, whose treatment lamps can contain up to 4 different coloured LEDs. Because these LED lights are spaced out to accommodate the variety of colours, it reduces the lamp’s intensity and can result in undertreated areas. 

Further Omnilux benefits include: 

  • Individual treatment heads designed to deliver optimal treatment intensity
  • Reduced ‘undertreated’ areas due to tightly packed lights
  • Peak LED intensity resulting in fewer treatment sessions
  • Clinically proven wavelengths of monochromatic light that stimulate specific cells within the body 
  • Stimulates blood flow and encourages the penetration and activation of skincare products.

Did you know: You can use Omnilux in conjunction with other skin treatments? Omnilux assists other therapies and increases positive results by encouraging healing, cell regeneration and the production of collagen, elastin and growth factors. 


How many treatments do I need?

Ultimately it depends on why you are receiving the treatment. For regenerative treatments, we usually recommend 9 treatments over 4 weeks. For acne, we suggest  8 treatments over the course of 4 weeks, alternating between the red and blue LED light. And for Omnilux Photodynamic Therapy we recommend 2 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart. 

However, it all comes down to your skin’s individual needs. In your initial consultation, your cosmetic nurse will analyse your skin and discuss the possible length of your treatment. You will also be assessed at the end of your treatment and any further sessions will be recommended then. 


How much does Omnilux cost?

The cost of LED light therapy does vary depending on where you get your treatment. This comes down to the system they’re using – some clinics may not use Omnilux. Which (while cheaper) reduces the effectiveness of your treatment. 

We suggest visiting a reputable Omnilux provider for your treatments. These providers usually charge around $60 per Omnilux session. But be sure to ask about multiple session discounts! For more intensive Omnilux treatments such as Photodynamic Therapy, the cost will be slightly increased. But don’t forget, you need fewer sessions. So that’s the bonus! 


Is there downtime with Omnilux?

Good news! There is zero downtime or side effects with this treatment. While we do recommend you keep a clean face for the rest of the day and let the applied products do their thing, you are free to put on makeup as soon as you like. How good is that?! 


What about LED light therapy masks

Buyer beware! There’s a lot of dupes on the market. If you’re looking at a DIY LED mask, be sure you go with a reputable brand. Omnilux has released a home range that does give positive results, but this only covers one area of light therapy. (Only red and infrared lights are available.) If you’re looking for a more tailored approach that will give the best results we recommend you visit a cosmetic specialist. 

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