The 2-Step Laser Snoring Treatment Process

man and woman asleep on bed.

If your partner’s been threatening to make you sleep on the couch because “you snore all night long,” don’t worry – we’ve got the solution that will keep you ‘out of the doghouse’ and instead keep you cozied up in your bed.  

Let us introduce you to the two-step and painless way to treat snoring at your GP…

Fotona NightLase® laser snoring treatment is the quick, painless and patient-friendly solution to your snoring and sleep apnoea woes. Read on to learn what it is, and the 2-step process behind its success.


man asleep on bed with dog.
Stay out of the doghouse and inside of your cozy bed. Your partner will thank you for your laser snoring treatment.


Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

It might just seem like a bit of harmless noise but often snoring can be a sign of sleep apnoea which can have some dangerous health effects if not treated. 

Snoring is essentially caused by tissue in your mouth and throat becoming ‘loose’ and partially obstructing your airways. When you breathe in and out, this tissue vibrates and creates a snoring sound. This can be made worse by lying on your back as gravity begins to work against you. If this tissue fully obstructs your airways, you can actually stop breathing in your sleep. This is what’s known as sleep apnoea. 

“But wouldn’t I wake up/notice if I stopped breathing in the night?” 

It’s actually quite rare to wake up during moments of sleep apnoea, as they are, quite literally, moments. Often just a couple of seconds long, most people don’t realise they have sleep apnoea – even though they stop breathing consistently across the night.


What is Laser Snoring Treatment?

We use Fotona NightLase®therapy to treat patients presenting with snoring and sleep apnoea. Fotona NightLase® minimises the effects of snoring and sleep apnoea by gently tightening the oral mucosa tissue. It does this with safe laser pulses that allow heat to penetrate the oral mucosa tissue and causes the collagen to contract and tighten. 


Fotona NightLase® Laser Snoring Treatment Steps

No cutting, no burning and no anaesthetic. Fotona NightLase® laser snoring treatment is one of the easiest options for patients on the market. It’s completed in just two simple steps! 

Step One: Preconditioning 

Your GP will use the Fotona Nightlase® laser to preheat the affected tissue. This prepares it for the tissue strengthening stage.

Step Two: Tissue Strengthening 

10,000 tiny pulses of Fotona NightLase® laser are administered by your GP. This stimulates the contraction of the collagen fibres in the affected tissue with a controlled heating effect. The entire process only takes about 15 minutes.



How many appointments do you need?

You should only need 3 treatment appointments for laser snoring, conducted at weeks 1, 2 and 6. However, the first step is a consultation which you can book here.

You may wish to get another treatment 2 years later down the line if symptoms start to return, although some patients find no need for this. We recommend the mobile app SnoreLab to monitor your results. 


What to expect after your Fotona NightLase® treatment

You don’t need to worry about pain when it comes to laser snoring treatment. While the throat does experience a heating sensation, patients tend to quickly adapt and report no pain at all. 


Laser snoring treatment results and recovery time

One of the biggest perks of Fotona NightLase® laser snoring treatment is that you can return to your daily activities immediately with no downtime. 

See some patient before and after Fotona NightLase® images below. As you can see, the airways become visibly and considerably clearer, allowing for easy breathing and no loose tissue to obstruct the airways. 


before and after treatment images of throat. after image on the right shows a clearer throat passage.

before and after treatment images of throat. after image on the right shows a clearer throat passage.

before and after treatment images of throat. the after image shows a much clearer throat passage.
Laser snoring treatments like Fotona NightLase® visibly clear the airways and help you get a deeper (and quieter) sleep.


If you want to learn more about whether or not Fotona NightLase® laser snoring treatment is suitable for you, book a consult appointment now with one of our friendly doctors at Azure Medical in Peppermint Grove, Perth.

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