Wedding Surgery? Say yes to CoolSculpting.


Wedding surgery? Looking stunning for your wedding doesn’t mean you need cosmetic surgery. Say ‘yes, I do’ to CoolSculpting and Laser Technology.

Wedding surgery? The gorgeous secret you’ll never tell

Shhh. Don’t tell. You don’t need cosmetic surgery to make amazing changes to your appearance. Feel great about how you look at your wedding. Let’s talk nonsurgical options like “fat freezing” (Coolsculpting), laser skin rejuvenation, and laser hair removal.

Amazing treatments that are different to surgery

Why are these nonsurgical procedures different to cosmetic surgery? You can have these done right here at your local GP clinic without needing a hospital visit.

– Coolsculpting fat removal is based on freezing fat cells and reducing their volume, to “sculpt away” those stubborn areas. Again, it’s non invasive and it doesn’t involve surgery, anaesthetics, drugs, or cuts into the skin,
– Laser Hair Removal is performed by our Specialist Laser-Trained GP’s and uses the latest technology. We can remove hair permanently from just about anywhere on the body – but it’s not surgery.
– Laser skin rejuvenation uses the extremely focused power of a laser light beam, to stimulate the self-healing capacities of your own skin. This gives a younger, fresher, wrinkle-free look – again, with short downtime and a quick recovery.

Great results without breaking the bank

Your wedding secret is less expensive than cosmetic surgery. Our specialist doctors use the latest innovative technologies in the comfort of our GP rooms. Really. It’s easy to plan. There’s no complex rehabilitation. And, less complex procedures are more affordable too.

Breathtaking results from GP and not a cosmetic surgeon?

It’s your wedding. Should you trust your beauty to a GP? Our GP’s and nurses at Azure Medical are specially trained and use the newest, globally recognised technology for laser treatments and Coolsculpting in Perth. Unlike cosmetic surgery, these are non-invasive procedures that cause less trauma to your skin and body, and are designed to be safe, effective and give great results.

You don’t want to regret this. Is this right for me?

You spend time with the details of the event. Getting ready for a wedding is no easy task. Why not invest in your appearance with some non-invasive beauty treatments?

We will keep your wedding secret. You will look fabulous on the big day. Come in and meet our GPs, Coolsculpting consultants and skin specialists. Discuss which treatments work for you and look and feel your best!

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Ailsa Simpson

Ailsa has worked in the field of Preventative Medicine, anti-aging and aesthetics for the past 10 years. Ailsa Simpson is our Practice and Cosmetic Nurse. Ailsa is passionate about helping our patients achieve their best in health. A skilled and gentle injector, she can also help you feel confident and comfortable with your appearance. Ailsa is also one of our CoolSculpting Consultants.

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