Cryolipolysis Quick Fat Removal – is it for you?

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Is Cryolipolysis Quick Fat Removal for you? If beauty were only skin deep, we wouldn’t have to worry about what is under our skin. But, sometimes it’s time to part ways with the the stubborn layer of fat just under your skin. The trouble is, that can be very hard to achieve, no matter how good your diet and exercise regime. If you need a bit of help with this, then perhaps Cryolipolysis could be the answer for you.

What is Cryolipolysis fat-freezing treatment?

CoolSculpting fat freezing exploits the fact that fat cells are more sensitive to the effects of cold than skin. Therefore, applying a controlled freeze to a fold of skin and fat will kill off 20% of the fat cells without damaging the skin. These fat cells then break down and are absorbed and excreted quite harmlessly by the body. As long as you continue a healthy diet and exercise, this results in a sculpting-off of those stubborn areas, without the need for drugs, surgery, hospital stays, etc. As there is no downtime, no-one even needs to know.

Quick fat removal. Are you the one?

An ideal patient for CoolSculpting is someone who is near, or just outside, their ideal body weight. You are eating well and exercising regularly. Your body weight is consistent. But, there are areas of fat near the skin like ‘the spare tire’ that just won’t go away. If this is your story, then you are likely to be candidate for CoolSculpting.

Not happy with your body contour?

You are not happy with your body contour and it seems to not change no matter how much you try. CoolSculpting is a FDA and TGA approved non-surgical fat reduction treatment for areas of fat that you cannot shift no matter how much you workout and diet. If you would rather not have that double chin or love handles, fat freezing is a safe, proven way to get your body back. (Only genuine Coolsculpting has this wealth of medical research, evidence and proven effectiveness behind it, so be cautious of cheap copies!)

The stubborn fat that must go.

OK, CoolSculpting quick fat removal is not for everyone. You might need time to think about it, and help with losing weight all over first. Grab the free eBook, Unraveling the Stubborn Fat Problem, by Dr Richard Newton (get your copy below). He explains a fat-loss method you wished you had known earlier in your life.

How much does Coolsculpting Cost?

Clients obviously want to know how much Coolsculpting is going to cost. Well, a lot depends on how many areas we are treating, and how large those areas are. That’s why we really can’t give you an accurate price without your personalised, one-to-one consult with Ailsa, our Perth Coolsculpting consultant. This is of course entirely free and no-obligation. As a guide, for one cycle, the cost is $950, and the cost per cycle comes down the more are required.

It’s important to know that at Azure Medical we only invest in the very best treatments and equipment.

There are various cheap copies of Coolsculpting out there, but we found after conducting our own trials that the genuine article was leagues ahead, with the proven safety and efficacy we required. That’s why we decided to spend the extra on genuine Coolsculpting.

Pricing for genuine Coolsculpting is pretty consistent across most clinics, but if by any chance you have been given a quote from a different clinic, we are always happy to match that (genuine Coolsculpting, written quote), within Perth.

Can I do this?

In the past, you might have chosen liposuction to remove fat. Liposuction can produce a lot of bruising, incision areas and involves hospital stays, risk and downtime. With CoolSculpting, you have minimal downtime. The procedure takes few hours and you are straight back to normal activities with no incisions, less discomfort, and very little bruising. The full results are visible in a couple months. You won’t regret a few hours – it’s worth the time when you see results in couple months results. Studies show the vast majority of clients are satisfied after just one treatment for each area. Lots of different areas are suitable for treatment – arms, legs, tummy, chin – wherever a fold of skin and fat can be grabbed.


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