Everything You Need To Know About CoolSculpting Treatment

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Before you jump headlong into CoolSculpting treatments, it’s important you are 100% aware of how it works, why it works and why it may not work for some. You may consider the idea of fat freezing the ideal way to deal with weight loss. But this is not your quick fix ‘flick the fat fast’ option. A lot of factors go into actually making this treatment effective, many of which come down to the hard work that you put in, alongside the actual treatment itself.

Just as you’ll need to make sure you’re a suitable candidate for CoolSculpting (“fat freezing”) and be prepared for the effort that goes along with it, you also need to be aware that there are cheaper, less effective and even potentially dangerous options out there.

Read on as we unpack the real nitty gritty on CoolSculpting, demystify common misconceptions and reveal the potential dangers of cheaper alternatives you can find in Perth and beyond.

1. What is CoolSculpting treatment

Fat-freezing (Cryolipolysis to give it it’s medical name) is a technology that was developed by scientists in the 2000s, and released in 2010 with the first Coolsculpting machine.

Designed to target areas of “stubborn fat”, Cryolipolysis works by gradually drawing in a pocket of skin and fat into the applicator, using gentle vacuum. The tissue is then cooled in a very controlled manner. The fat is more sensitive to freezing than skin, therefore fat cells can be frozen whilst leaving the skin unaffected. This freezing kills off up to 20-25% of the subcutaneous fat cells, which are then harmlessly eliminated by the body over the following 6 months.

The fat cells are eliminated permanently, meaning that if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime, your results will be long lasting.

2. How is CoolSculpting different to other types of “fat freezing”?

a. Cryolipolysis

Since Coolsculpting was first released, many refinements have been made to improve the quality of results and make treatments quicker and more comfortable than ever. As Cryolipolysis technology has proven to be extremely effective, offering permanent fat reduction without the need to surgery, needles or hospital visits, it has been copied by many other manufacturers and companies. However, only genuine Coolsculpting (look for the Snowflake) devices offer the full backup of clinical evidence, training and safety systems to ensure the optimum patient experience and safety.

b. EmSculpt and other electrical stimulation devices

Emsculpt is a very different treatment to Coolsculpting. It uses electrical energy waves to stimulate contraction of muscle fibres, giving the effect of an intense workout. This can build muscle size and definition and is best for when there is left fat (less than you can grab). Coolsculpting is best for when there are localised areas of grabbable fat. Sometimes the two treatments can complement each other. But always remember no treatment replaces being at a healthy weight – good health starts in the kitchen!

3. Who is CoolSculpting for?

As we age (hopefully gracefully!), it is more difficult than our former years to lose fat in some areas. We call this ‘stubborn’ fat. It’s when a good diet and exercise does not seem to have any impact on these areas that CoolSculpting can be beneficial. The reason shifting this stubborn fat seems impossible is because some areas don’t have as much blood supply (stomach and flanks for example) so it’s difficult for the body to metabolise and break down the fat.

Suitable for most adults, CoolSculpting is for men and women.. and just as effective and common for both.

Please note this is treatment not suitable for children.

4. What happens if you use cheaper alternatives

Genuine Coolsculpting is a very widely tried and tested treatment, and serious side effects are very rare. Common minor side effects can include redness, tingling, bruising and sensitivity of the skin which usually resolves in a few days.

Unfortunately, fat-freezing can be a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands, as can be the case in some bargain “beauty” clinics. Taking a large area of fat out of the wrong area can be permanently disfiguring, sometimes even requiring surgery to correct. Another serious side effect with some Fat-Freezing machines can be skin burns. If a device does not have advanced temperature sensors incorporated, it is possible for a freeze burn to occur.

Coolsculpting machines have this technology as standard, but unfortunately some of the “copy” machines do not. Be sure that your provider takes the time to explain all possible potential risks and side effects to you and have the expertise to be able to care for you comprehensively in the recovery period.

Just ask if your clinic is using genuine Coolsculpting equipment – not a copy without the research backing and safety features.

Tip: Ask yourself if the technicians take the time to evaluate you carefully, take photos and let you decide or if they are pushy and hard-sell, wanting to just “give it a go”.

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5. What areas you can treat

Coolsculpting is a great solution to reduce areas of subcutaneous fat because of a poor blood supply, and are almost impossible to shift with exercise alone. These areas include the tummy, thighs, bra fat, double chin, flanks and upper arms. In men, common areas are “love handles”, “man boobs” and again the double chin.

6. Who is not suitable for CoolSculpting and why it might not work

It’s important to remember that CoolSculpting is not for weight loss and if you’re finding it hard to lose weight you should seek medical advice first. That’s why it’s important you engage in a free consultation before you consider this treatment as they underlying factors preventing you from losing weight, it’s important to get a consultation to discuss such as:

  • Diet
  • Hormones
  • Lack of exercise.

For Coolsculpting to be most effective, the ideal client will not be greatly overweight (a BMI of 30 or under). Sometimes, this might mean some help with a weight loss program to get to the stage where Coolsculpting is going to be most worthwhile. Clinics that give clients false expectations and don’t honestly counsel those clients who need to lose a little weight first are taking your money under false pretences.

The fat needs to be “grabbable”, so that it can be taken up into the applicator. It will not work for deep visceral fat in the abdomen.

7. What results can you expect

Up to 20-25% of the fat cells will be broken down. After treatment, the body harmlessly and gradually eliminates the dead fat cells.
Several follow up visits are scheduled, to check on your progress.

It takes up to 2-6 months to see the maximum results – a new, slimmer you – and the confidence to wear the clothes you really want to!

Being one of the busiest Coolsculpting providers in Western Australia and having completed hundreds of successful cycles, we can vouch for how effective the treatment is, in the right hands.

8. What to do before CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting, like anything, works best when the correct treatment is matched to the right patient. Different clients have different priorities and needs, and this can only be assessed through a detailed one-on-one consultation. During the consultation, our Coolsculpting specialist will assess your body and how treatment would work best – it’s an art as well as a science. Photos will be taken so that we can record your progress.

9. How much does CoolSculpting cost?

In Perth, CoolSculpting or fat freezing treatments can vary in cost. At Azure, we usually give you a quote for treatment after your free consultation as it helps us understand your treatment areas and individual needs.  This may be to have a number of cycles performed, to get the best results. The more cycles the client orders, the less cost per cycle we charge. Payment plans can also be arranged available via Zipmoney to help you spread the cost. If you are getting ready for summer, a holiday, or a special event it really is best to plan treatments a good 3 months plus in advance.

So – Fat Freezing or Coolsculpting is not for weight loss. The truth is there are other conditions that may be causing problems losing weight. It’s important to get a confidential consultation with your GP or Dietitian to know for sure. For each patient interested in Coolsculpting, Azure Medical Cottesloe creates your customised treatment plan. Your plan takes into account your overall fitness — and your unique body composition. Sometimes we might recommend a DEXA Body Composition scan so that we can really understand your body.

See more about how we can help you with the treatment here. We also have regular free events where you can see live demonstrations and ask any questions so you can see if the treatment is a right fit for you.

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